VR presentation on PackLine booth PACKEXPO 2016

This November, we had the pleasure of having Intvisco, Inc., a major player in the virtual reality industry based in LA, do a presentation for us at the Chicago Pack Expo event.
When we contacted Intvisco, we needed something that will attract more people to our booth and leave an unforgettable impression, and they sure delivered!

After a talk with their CEO, Michael Katseli, Victor, Packline's CEO, came up with something else they could do for us. The machine we wanted to present is our flag PXM-6 and it weighs more than 5 tons. Victor asked Intvisco to make a precise replica of it. Instead of taking the machine physically to the expo all the way from our factory overseas, we ended up bringing it virtually to the event and that sure saved us precious time on all the logistics involved in the shipment. They were on daily communication with our engineers, learning about the functionality of the machine in order to replicate it.
When we showcased the machine at our booth, the clients were not only impressed as they enjoyed the stunning VR experience, they also got to know how the machine looks and what it does exactly like the real one without it being actually there.

We also ended up explaining to our technicians overseas who came to the event how to service the new machine which was a bonus we didn't think about at that time.

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