The Right Cup to Withstand the HPP Process

Supermarket shelves today cater to consumers demanding minimally processed foods that are high in quality, nutritionally superior and ready-to-eat. Meeting this demand by developing refrigerated foods with an extended shelf life to ensure microbiological quality and safety presents a challenge.

Cup and film needed to withstand the HPP process for a Ventura, Calif., food manufacturer and processing company, which asked Packline for a complete packaging solution. Packline chose a PET cup that is strong, transparent, lightweight, recyclable and damage resistant along with

High Pressure processing (HPP), an FDA approves method of dramatically reducing or eliminating harmful bacteria and extending shelf life. Another benefit of HPP is its ability to make food stable, easier to transport, hold, store, sell.

By using the PET cup, film seal and over lid with the HPP process it dramatically reduced the traditional percentage of waste from between 5% and 10% or more, to less than 1%.

Packline developed a complete packaging system solution that included:

Machine: NBM-3 is a servo driven, filling and sealing machine. All the product contact parts are stainless steel. The machine is constructed of stainless steel, anodized aluminum and plastic all of which conform to EEC, 3A, UL, FDA standards for food grade materials. Features include a PLC Allen Bradley control system.

Packaging: PET, 410mm, 8, 12 and 16 oz., round containers with over lid

Output: 60-80 units per min. Cup

Feeding: Cup De-nesting – 3 cups at a time

Sealing: Polylid and Membrane Sealing, Forming and Cutting a roll including left over film rewinding

Product: Salsa

Filler: Pneumatic piston filler 12 oz., for bot fill

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HPP Image CAD Cup Diagram Product NBM Machine







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